Campaign Strategy

Guiding your online marketing campaign strategy

We believe that a digital marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities on the web. However, one-size-fits all does not apply. A campaign strategy model provides a framework for your marketing efforts that gives you a logical sequence to follow to make sure you take advantage of the tools and digital marketing channels that are right for you, and it keeps your efforts on track during the execution and implementation phases.


Does your current strategy fit your goals?

When working with the campaign strategy experts at BigWing, we start out with a conversation about your goals and start with a free comprehensive assessment of your digital marketing footprint, and we take a look at your competitors efforts. At BigWing, you have a program manager and a whole team of experts at your disposal who will evaluate how effectively you are using the digital marketing channels that you have already implemented and we take a look at what tools can help you grow and reach a relevant audience. How we do it.

The initial assessment will look at the following elements:

  • Does your website’s messaging work?  Is it an effective sales tool?
  • Is your business well represented in search engines?
  • Do you have content on your website capable of attracting new leads and turning customers into advocates?
  • Do other high-quality websites reference you as an authority?
  • Are you spending your paid search budget effectively?
  • Is your social media marketing increasing customer loyalty, retention and referrals?
  • Is your email list growing?  Do your emails provoke your customers to action?
  • Are you well-positioned against major competitors in your market?

Putting a strategy to work

Following a comprehensive review of your web presence, keyword research and a competitive analysis, we have the data that will help you understand what your next steps should be. Collectively the seven tasks that make up our process equip us with all of the knowledge, understanding and insight to create a digital marketing strategy that can grow with your business for the foreseeable future. Based on these finding and your goals, we formulate a plans and our team of experts can help implementing the tactics, making adjustments and analyzing the success.

Supporting our clients

No matter if you have a hands-on in-house marketing team that implements your campaign strategy or you trust our team of digital marketing experts with your online success, we are here to support all your efforts. We believe in educating our clients to make fact-based decisions for their marketing campaigns, and we are ready to jump into action if an adjustment is needed. As the online marketplace is constantly changing, a strong digital marketing campaign should involve testing and adjusting the strategy. We put a strong emphasis on communication and analysis leading to improve execution – and by extension the positive results for your business.

Think of us as an extension of your marketing team. We want to be your partner in creating a website and online presence that works for you. Together, we’ll implement a strategy that increases your site’s traffic, online network of relationships and brand messaging. We settle for nothing less than rising numbers in your traffic and profits.

Contact us today with any questions or to discuss your many options for your online marketing strategy with us.

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