Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to reach customers and drive new sales. However, it is not as easy as typing up an offer and hitting the send button.

You want your customer to open your email, read it and then take action to purchase your products or services.

  • You need a template design that stays out of spam filters by ensuring that email design best practices are followed such as having the right text to image ratio.
  • You want a clean design and engaging content for your email that keeps customers reading your message and grab the phone to call your business.
  • In today’s world all emails must be designed to be mobile friendly. All our email designs are tested for mobile users.
  • We track your results to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Once the email is sent, we can retarget your list online with display ads that will continue to help deliver your message and brand your business.

It’s all about your list

You may have a customer email list that you have assembled. However, these lists are hard to keep updated, especially if you are busy running a business. We can suggest and implement strategies to grow your own list and, we also have access to an immense national database to supplement your contacts – complete with geographic and demographic information so we can target the right recipients. You can target your customers based on their sex, age, interests, age, profession and dozens of other attributes.

Measurable results and customer support

BigWing can help you achieve measurable results with email marketing. We provide sophisticated metrics about opening rates, time spent interacting with your email, and conversions. This data will guide future improvements and ensure that you get an optimal return on investment (ROI).

Our email marketing campaigns exceed industry standards, and come with BigWing’s signature customer support. Our project managers and everyone else involved in the project will work with you to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and that you achieve the results that you want.

If you want buying customers – not deleted emails! Contact us today for more information about our email marketing campaigns.

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