Inbound Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers, at one of the highest ROIs of any marketing tactic. No matter what you offer, produce or sell, the internet has become an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. Having a strong inbound marketing strategy gives you a measurable way to target your market.

As a full-service inbound marketing agency, we have every aspect of your online marketing covered, and have a proven track record of results-driven inbound marketing campaigns paired with exceptional customer support.

Organic SEO: We approach your website with fresh eyes, from both a marketing and search engine optimization perspective. Is your website communicating relevance to potential customers and search engines? We make sure that your site gets found when people are looking for what you do.

Paid Search: Paid search services can deliver immediate results along the way. We strategically purchase ads on your behalf using Google AdWords or other platforms, driving traffic to your website. We then monitor the traffic and make changes as necessary to increase conversions.

Local SEO: Being optimized for local search is vital as the number of map and mobile searches increase. Local search optimization helps to get your business listed in the Google maps local search listings when customers search for products and services in the town where your business is located. Local SEO supports and enhances our other inbound marketing strategies.

Content Marketing:  We create unique content for your brand backed by a socially enabled content marketing campaign. Content marketing drives referral traffic from other websites, social traffic and links, making it the deciding factor on how well your website ranks in search engines. Our content marketing campaigns help position clients as the most engaging and trusted brands in their niches, allowing you to reach customers earlier in their purchasing decision and build strong, trusted brand relationships.

Social Media: We understand how to make social media one of your strongest marketing allies, and can help you with all your social media needs ranging from simply designing and setting up a strong social media presence, to complete social media management and social media ad campaigns.

Email Marketing: As one of the most direct ways to reach your customers, email marketing is another element that can give your brand the competitive edge. Not only do we have access to some of the best, most current and customizable mailing lists in the business, but we can also design, create and write your email marketing messages and e-newsletters.

Native Advertising: The publishing industry welcomes new native advertising integrations on desktop and mobile which match their editorial online offerings. Publications offer native ads in conjunction with their normal content. The BigWing team works hand-in-hand with influential media outlets to create and place content on your behalf.

Why BigWing Interactive?

We offer an integrated inbound marketing solution. Our specialists are experienced, creative, passionate and versatile. Along the way we’ll provide an intelligent digital marketing strategy, solidified through reports, excellent customer service, and best of all – results.

There’s a reason why we have a customer retention rate that’s the envy of other digital marketing agencies. We’re not looking for clients, we’re looking for partners.

Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

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