Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing and Online Advertising

While our organic search services build your online brand over a longer period of time, paid search marketing provides you with more immediate results.

Paid search essentially means buying space at the top or to the right of the search results based on keywords that your customers are using to find your products and services. This is an effective online advertising strategy that will guarantee potential customers will see you first.

This tool can also help you determine what value statements are attracting consumers to your products and services. Our Google AdWords certified professionals & Bing accredited professionals will manage your campaigns to increase conversions, and lower your cost per click (CPCs) by increasing your ad quality scoring factors helping both your PPC and SEO campaigns.

Advantages to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • Immediate Visibility –  while many online marketing tactics take longer to achieve results, pay-per-click marketing starts working right away.
  • Minute control over what triggers your ad – completely customizable
  • Budget flexibility – you only pay when people click on your ad, spend as little as $18/day
  • Ongoing analysis of what is or is not working for you on your website.
  • Geographic targeting and time-of-day rules to ensure your ads are only seen by customers who are likely to buy.
  • Directed advertising to search networks and devices

What you gain by partnering with an experienced PPC agency

Cost: People often think about hiring a ‘really sharp person’ to take on PPC along with their other marketing duties.  Invariably either the PPC falls by the wayside or the other duties of that person fall short of expectations.   Not to mention the salary, and benefits you have to pay an in house person that you could be spending just on your advertising!

Security:  If you have someone do your Pay-Per-Click for you internally, when they leave, they take all that information with them.  That person knows what is/is not successful.

The world of Pay-Per-Click is constantly changing: Keeping abreast of the changes and trends takes time.  Google and Microsoft push changes and updates to their search engines many times a year.

No Office politics: You give us your budget on spend, and we manage your campaigns.  That’s it. Our staff doesn’t have to compete with budgets, manpower or internal friction with other departments

We have staff who focus only on PPC management: Our people spend all their time dealing with search engines and are not distracted with ‘other duties as required’

The paid search team at BigWing knows how to get you the most out of your PPC dollars. Our PPC services feature:

  • Professionally optimized campaigns using Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads certified partners.
  • Frequent A/B testing to improve performance.
  • Weekly and monthly PPC reports giving you up-to-date results on your campaigns and keywords.
  • A hands-on approach with live experts consistently monitoring & managing your campaign.
  • Phone Tracking available with bi-weekly reporting.
  • Linking your paid search campaigns with your local places pages providing you with higher relevance for your local business.
  • Lead and purchase conversion tracking.
  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting.
  • Budget optimization, day parting and trend analysis.
  • Statistically driven results.
  • Display advertising, remarketing & retargeting, contextual and interest based campaigns available managed in-house

What’s the difference between PPC and SEO?

SEO optimizes your site and builds your brand long-term, while PPC advertising can direct traffic to your website, create strategic name branding for your company and increase your leads and conversions.

AdWords is the Pay per Click-based Google product that allows advertisers to more precisely target their chosen audience. The technology that powers AdWords allows its users to define a list of words and phrases (keywords) that act as a trigger for the PPC ad. Once triggered, AdWords displays the associated advertisements (ad copy or ad text), effectively allowing businesses to easily target those most likely to be interested in their products or services.

SEM with SEO is the best of both worlds and the best solution is to choose an agency that does both.  Your SEO and SEM agents working in concert with each other will provide the most focused online advertising campaigns for your site. SEM can be laser-targeted to directly what you are trying to sell, and who you are trying to sell it to.

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