Qdoba Mexican Eats

Driving Store Visits

Qdoba Mexican Eats, a national quick service restaurant with over 12 locations in the greater Oklahoma City metro area, had the same question as any restaurant looking to take a firm hold of their presence on social media: How do we get more people into our restaurants?

In 2017, ad objectives on the Facebook Ads Manager platform managed to get more robust by giving businesses that advertised with them objectives that would truly drive action. Link click ads could be optimized into landing page view ads, engagement ads got deeper by adding optimization for engagement as well as event responses, and conversion ads gave us a wealth of key results to choose from such as purchases, leads, and registrations.

To better serve Qdoba’s needs on a local level, we tailored their campaign to have our “store visits” campaign compliment their engagement campaign on Facebook. By doing this, we could focus less on glamor metrics, such as “likes,” and focus on increasing the number of times Facebook users would click to get directions to their nearest Qdoba.

The Audience

Rather than serve ads to an audience built solely on interest, we decided to take our audience build a few steps further by building our audiences based on varying levels of education, purchase habits at restaurants, and age. While building the audience, we found that the following two targeting behaviors had untapped potential in serving store visit ads to people between ages 16-35:

By targeting people who spent money at quick serve and mid-range/sit down restaurants, we could properly capture a wide range of people who would be more likely to visit Qdoba during a lunch or dinner rush on weekdays during or after work. We also decided to put up a 5-mile geofence around each location rather than cast a net over the entire city to reduce the ad spend on people that were too far from a Qdoba location to make the drive there for lunch a rational decision.

We also dayparted our ad delivery to optimize when we thought people were most likely to travel to spend money at a restaurant during the day. Our logic was simple–when do you start thinking about what you want to eat for lunch or dinner?

The Ads

We wanted to keep our “store visits” ads clean and concise with a little bit of fun mixed in. Each month, the copy and creative were changed to reflect new products as well as events going on in the area (Holidays, NBA games, etc.). We also optimized the ads to run on mobile devices only with the “Get Directions” button to make our intentions clear–we want to serve this to people on their phones who are browsing before they make their lunch or dinner plans.

Results and Beyond

By employing these tactics and gaining a better understanding of the audience we saw the most potential in, we were able to generate 1,931 unique clicks on our ads for directions to one of the several Qdoba locations in Oklahoma City. We also garnered a total of 1,141,575 impressions and reached 126,091 people with an average cost of $2.57 per 1,000 impressions. Moreover, we had an average cost per action of $18.90 which is well below the hospitality industry standard of $22.50 according to a recent WordStream study. This also gave way to setting a new internal benchmark for engagement, impressions, and Messenger activity for Qdoba over the life of the Facebook page.