Kirby’s Steakhouse

Everyone knows the name Kirby’s in its local region of Dallas, Texas. The original restaurant opened in 1954 and thrived for 33 years before closing when the original owner, B.J. Kirby, retired. Six years later, a new team reopened the high-end steakhouse with the goal of taking the restaurant farther. Now, Kirby’s Steakhouse has five locations in Texas and Oklahoma.


Despite the chain’s ongoing success, their website did not properly convey the upscale, fine-dining experience customers receive or allow site visitors to easily locate their many locations. They wanted to increase website traffic as well as create a new site that emphasized the quality and experience of their restaurants.


To create a fresh, new website, our team started with a complete assessment of the current site including design, photography, and content. A new site architecture was developed from there to improve user experience. The website needed to better illustrate Kirby’s, from the food to the atmosphere. Kirby’s also wanted to increase traffic to their site, so our team created an onsite and local SEO strategy.

To start, visually appealing dishes were photographed to serve as the focal point on the website and homepage. Our team wrote copy for each page to focus on the upscale, fine-dining experience of patrons in-restaurant. Finally, we created website navigation to provide users with the important information they need before visiting the restaurant.

We targeted pages from an SEO standpoint, including both the homepages and other more specific landing pages. Our team claimed, verified and optimized the five Kirby’s locations in multiple online directories. Each landing page included a variety of calls to action, such as happy hour specials, monthly dinner specials, events, reservations, and driving directions.


Just six months after the site launched, our goal of 10% increased site traffic was met and exceeded, as Kirby’s showed an increase in traffic by 39.41%. Additionally, from July to December 2017:

  • Bounce rate improved by 15%
  • Time on site increased by 80%
  • Pageviews per session increased by 20%

As you can see, our partnership with Kirby’s steakhouse was a success. Visitors to the new and improved Kirby’s website can see the high quality of their food and atmosphere wholly reflected in the design and navigation of the site. Additionally, our partnership has made it much easier for visitors to find the nearest Kirby’s and get there as simply as possible.