Watch BigWingers React to 2020 Super Bowl Commercials [Video]

Published: February 4, 2020  by 

The birth of a baby nut. The return of MC Hammer. The “sexiest man alive” behind the wheel of a Genesis SUV.

If these topics made their way to your office water cooler or Slack channel this week, your coworkers and mine have something in common: Whether they loved or hated last night’s Super Bowl commercials, they sure are talking about them.

But at BigWing, we don’t just talk about ads. We dissect them. We analyze them. We learn from them. 

Sunday’s mixed bag of advertisements was no exception. BigWingers had so much to say, we took to our podcast studio to dish about which national brands landed a 10/10 and which face-planted. Watch below and let us know on Twitter or on Instagram whether you agree with our Super Bowl commercial commentary!