How to Verify Your Facebook Page…and Other Things You Should Be Doing in 2016

Published: February 10, 2016  by 

How to verify your facebook page

We’re well into the New Year and you (hopefully) have all of your ducks in a row. Your social media campaign is coasting along nicely. However, with more and more businesses vying for your future customers’ attention, you can’t afford to coast. Ensure you’re doing everything possible to take your social media strategy to the next level with this checklist:


Verify Your Facebook Business Page

When you verify your business page, you not only convey a deeper level of trust with your online community, you also show up higher in Facebook search results. This process is too simple to pass up!

  • Go to Settings on your business page
  • Select Page Verification > Verify This Page
  • Enter your business phone number (and extension if applicable) and select call me now
  • Facebook will call and provide a 4-digit pin
  • Enter this pin on your Facebook page and verify

We bet you’ve never gained trust so easily!


Integrate Facebook’s Custom Conversion Pixel into Your Advertising Campaign

Have you ever wondered how to accurately track your website conversions that resulted from Facebook ads? Facebook has upped their data game and is finally providing more accurate conversion tracking!

  • Go to your Ads Manager within the Facebook Business Manager
  • Select Tools > Custom Conversions
  • Create Custom Conversion
  • Add the URL (URL equals), or part of the URL (URL contains), that represents your conversion (a thank you page after a newsletter sign up, contact page, or purchase).
  • Select a category and click Next
  • Give your custom conversion a clear and simple name and description
  • Select Create > Done
  • Create your ad using the “Increase conversions on your website” objective
    • Select your newly created custom conversion

At this time Facebook only allows 20 custom conversions – once created they cannot be deleted. Hopefully, Facebook will allow more flexibility in the future. If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on Custom Conversion tracking, try standard event tracking!

  • Go to your Ads Manager within the Facebook Business Manager
  • Select Tools > Create a Pixel
  • Add pixel to your website with Google Tag Manager or paste the code between <head> and </head> tags
  • Paste your standard event code (Key page view, Search, Add to cart, Add to wishlist, Initiate checkout, Add payment info, Make purchase, Lead, or Complete Registration) within the Facebook pixel above the </script> tag
  • Create your ad using the “Increase conversions on your website” objective
    • Select your standard event

Voila! You’re well on your way to tracking a more accurate ROI on your Facebook ads! Want to learn more about conversion tracking? Don’t miss this free event in Oklahoma City!

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Reply to Social Media Messages, Comments, and Replies ASAP

If you’re not already using your social media pages as customer service channels, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity! Facebook now gives pages stickers rating their responsiveness to customer inquiries. This adds additional trust with your online community. The more they trust you – the more likely they will give you their business!

Facebook responsiveness

Begin implementing these small changes to your social strategy and start reaping the rewards of having a trustworthy brand and easy to measure ROI!