The Nest Roundup, Episode 4: Video Marketing and Production

Published: March 27, 2017  by 

The Nest Episode 4 Recap

In the latest installment of The NEST, our hosts Kellen McGugan and Sarah Hoffman interviewed BigWing specialists Brittany Willison and Brian Collins and to discuss the rise in video marketing and production as well as new trends in video for 2017.

The biggest news in video? It’s rising popularity and demand on social media platforms.

“I think it’s going to take over every aspect that it can; every platform possible,” Brittany says.

The Popularity of Video

As the demand for video rises, it poses the question – ‘How do I create videos on a budget?’

“It doesn’t have to be a big production at all,” Brian says. “Even the products are getting less expensive.”

If your budget is tight, a video shot on an iPhone can still look great and show value. However, depending on the style of video you’re trying to create, the expense of good videography and editing is a worthwhile investment.

Video Content Outlets

Did you know more than 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook alone per day? Facebook has been staying on top of video trends since the rise of video for marketing, but it isn’t the only platform to be aware of when promoting your video content.

“I would really look for Snapchat,” Brian says. “What’s going to drive the popularity of Snapchat will be not keeping a record of going on.”

In other words, your video is only out for 24 hours – so your viewers need to be engaged with your brand to keep up. This also allows you to be a little more casual with your audience, making yourself more relatable.

Capturing Great Video Content

At our 2016 Confluence Conference, Brian and Brittany captured raw footage during our conference that could be used again and again for future Confluence marketing efforts.

Creating evergreen video content can be extremely valuable to your marketing campaign. These shots can be used multiple times in various ways to reach your audience. You don’t have to go to film school to make great videos either – apps like Splice can help you edit iPhone videos with ease!

Social Media Video Length

How long is too long for a social media video? It depends on the platform. Youtube suggests 60 seconds for ads, but Instagram’s max is 30.

“I think the trend is a little towards shorter,” Brian says. “Try to make the shortest ad that you can. If you can master that you can pretty much do any long-form video.”

56 percent of all videos published in the last year are less than two minutes long – and we suggest keeping videos at 30 seconds or less for maximum impact.

“Take advantage of those first ten seconds,” Brittany says. “You have ten seconds to capture your audience. If you don’t, you’re out,”

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