Social Media Questions to Ask Your Digital Agency

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Making the decision to entrust your brand to a third-party agency is a big decision. A great digital marketing agency can help you maximize your online presence and reach your customers where they’re at online.  BUT, before choosing an agency, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions.

In our new series “Questions to Ask Your Digital Agency,” we’ll take a look at some of the key questions you should ask any potential agency before making a decision on who to choose. The answers you receive can help you weed out the “good” agencies from the “great” ones and better prepare you for the partnership you’re about to begin.

To kick us off, our BigWing Social Media Specialists have compiled the top questions pertaining to your social media presence that any great agency should be able to answer, as well as the answers our Social Media Team would have provided for each.

Social Media Strategy

You’ll want to make sure that any potential marketing agency will have your business objectives in mind when developing your social strategy. Asking them how they typically develop their strategy for social media management and advertising as well as how they track success can help you determine if they truly have your business goals front of mind.

Q: Is social media important for my business?

BigWing’s Answer:

The short answer: YES. Social is important for businesses small or large. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2C or B2B, social media is crucial for reaching your target audiences, increasing your brand recognition, assisting your SEO efforts, and simply sharing information about your business.

If you’re B2C, setting up a social media profile can help you lock in that next sale or develop brand loyalty from your customers. If you’re B2B, social media can help you connect with other business and generate leads on platforms such as LinkedIn, or it can even serve as a place for you to engage with your employees.

As of this year, there are 1.96 BILLION social media users around the world and 81% of Americans have a social media profile on at least one platform. There’s endless potential to find your next customer or business partner, all you have to do is meet them where they are.

Q: How will your social media strategy help us achieve our business goals?

BigWing’s Answer:

Through our social media strategy, your brand will become known in the digital world. By keeping your social media presence strong, your brand will stay fresh and visible to your target market.

With our precise targeting methods, we reach your audience in the most efficient and direct manner for your specific product/service. This strategy will help you achieve your business goals by connecting you with the perfect clients for your business and keeping your brand up-to-date.

Q: How will you differentiate our social media presence from that of our competitors?

BigWing’s Answer:

Our focus is to help you achieve your most important business goals. Whether that means increasing sales, promoting newsletter sign-ups, or driving more people to your website/store. By thinking outside of the box, the content we create is crafted strategically to entice your audience by humanizing your brand, not necessarily promoting cold sales information.

Because we are a complete digital agency, we harness the skills from various departments to compliment your entire social media presence. Sometimes this means collecting website audience demographics and incorporating them into your social media marketing plan. We can do this by using the zip codes, ages, interests, etc. found through the demographics and targeting ads directed towards these results; this will provide a higher ROI.

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Q: What kind of analytics can you give us? How often do you report progress?

BigWing’s Answer:

We report on analytics like page engagements, website conversion rates, impressions, reach, and user demographics. We also report on each ad and its individual performance. We monitor your ads daily and create monthly reports. Through continuous monitoring, we can make tweaks that are beneficial to your specific needs and campaign strategy as it evolves.

Q: What’s your approach to measuring ROI on social media?

BigWing’s Answer:

This varies campaign to campaign depending upon the unique business objective. For example, collecting leads for a car dealership may be more expensive but could have a higher ROI for the client. On the other hand, when working with new businesses, we may run a brand awareness campaign with a less tangible ROI, but increase page likes to grow the audience.


It’s also important to determine if the agency has experience working with clients in your industry. If they know your industry well, they’ll be well-educated in industry terminology, best practices, and some of the key indicators for success. You should ask for examples of successful campaigns to make sure their work fits your brand’s personality and tastes.

Q: Which industries or clients have you developed social media marketing strategies for before? Have you worked with clients in our industry?

BigWing’s Answer:

We love working with wide range of clients and the variety of work that digital marketing brings our way. We have experience in many industries and love a challenge when it comes to new fields. We have developed social media marketing strategies for the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Small/local businesses
  • Community events
  • Auctioneers
  • Home services
  • Athletic programs
  • Entertainment/concerts
  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Media/local news
  • Venues
  • and many others

Q: Which campaign(s) are you most proud of?

BigWing’s Answer:

We are always excited when we see results that make the client proud of their business. As far as which campaign we are most proud of, this answer is difficult. We are proud of the varied results each client’s strategy brings us; these goals are unique to the specific business’s needs. Whether big or small, these results help the company grow and help us learn more to better their marketing plan.

If you need to see case studies, we’re happy to share!

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Q: What tools does your team use to manage and track our social media efforts?

BigWing’s Answer:

We’ve seen success using a variety of tools, including Facebook Audience Insights, Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and other platform-specific tools. Since these tools each use different metrics, combining them allows for deeper, more detailed, reports.

Q: How do you ensure that our posts and ads on social media are “on brand” and consistent with our company’s culture?

BigWing’s Answer:

At the beginning of any client partnership, we take the time to create a Brand Brief and Style Guide for your business. Both of these documents help us to understand everything there is to know about your branding, customers, business goals, competitors, industry, company history, business model, current marketing efforts, and your company culture and personality. Basically, we like to get a holistic picture of your business so that we can truly become an extension of your marketing team.

Your Brand Brief will spell out all of these things as they pertain to your company, while your Style Guide specifies everything having to do with your brand such as which colors, fonts, tone of voice, spellings, tenses, and grammatical nuances to use. Through all of this, we make sure that anything we post to your social media channels is consistent with your brand and appeals to your target markets.

Q: Will you create custom content for our social media pages, or will we need to provide content for you to post?

BigWing’s Answer:

Our social media team can create custom graphics and content for your different social platforms, whether it’s visuals for your Facebook ads or graphics to be shared on your Pinterest page. We also love it when clients provide us with content they’d like to be shared or keep us in the loop of any promotions or company happenings that we can share on their social pages.


When evaluating a potential agency, you should ask specific questions about their processes and know-how in the social media realm. Not only will this help you vet their experience, but you can learn more about what the onboarding process will look like for your business and what information they will need to create your campaign.

bigwing social media management examples

Q: Can you post organically as well as manage advertising?

BigWing’s Answer:

Yes, but keep in mind, we believe in “quality over quantity.” You want your page to remain active without pushing information that is repetitive or useless to your fans.

Tip: Use a content calendar and make an algorithm for your page:

When we onboard a new client, we brainstorm each way we could promote their business. Whether that is directly related to their business, for example, their website pages, or an article that can relate back to the business.

We use these brainstormed ideas to create a weekly or monthly calendar. We like to push at least three engaging or informative posts a week and keep a minimum when it comes to pushy/salesy posts.

To know what is best for your audience, it takes A/B testing and a flexible attitude. Using your Facebook Audience Insights is helpful when determining what type of posts your audience engage with most. You can also find the most popular time to increase engagement through this source.

Q: Should you and can you engage with followers on social media?

BigWing’s Answer:

Yes. No matter the follower, your business’ responses show that you are a legitimate company who cares about your customers/clientele. At BigWing, we work with you to develop appropriate responses for all situations and alert you of any immediate needs. We believe that you should always respond in a positive manner using good customer service skills.

Q: Should we use multiple platforms?

BigWing’s Answer:

It depends. Depending on your company, we can experiment with different platforms. We use your target market as a guide to choose outlets that are the best fit for your brand and audience. Generally, it’s wise to test multiple platforms.

For example: Snapchat would perform well for a target market with younger demographics; LinkedIn, however, would be better for CEOs and business individuals.

Our social team can develop effective strategies for the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Q: Can client emails and lists be helpful through social media?

BigWing’s Answer:

Yes. We can create a custom audience based on these lists as well as a lookalike audience from the emails collected that can be used for in targeting Facebook advertisement to the correct audience.

bigwing sample facebook advertisements

Q: Would you change up our advertisements each month?

BigWing’s Answer:

Yes. We believe tweaking advertisements each month is always a good idea, whether it is changing your creative, adding or removing certain interests from your audiences, or changing your budget. A/B testing and a fresh perspective are always best.

Q: How do you know what time you should post for the highest amount of engagement?

BigWing’s Answer:

Facebook Insights gives us some awesome details on times, days, and types of posts that reach the most followers.

How to access your Facebook Insights on your own:

  • Head to your Facebook business page and click Insights at the top of the page
  • There you will find a list of different insights you can view regarding the performance of your page, post engagements, and your page audience.

Q: How do you find out who to target?

BigWing’s Answer:

Audience Insights (directions for accessing these are above) plus knowing who your ideal customer is can help us develop your social audience and voice. It’s also helpful for us to develop buyer’s personas for your target customers to establish your market and how to target them.

Q: What would you be posting to our pages?

BigWing’s Answer:

At BigWing, we live by the three E’s of social media. Entertain, educate, and engage. We post content that relates to your company’s culture and definition, but also to these three E’s.

Pro Tips for Managing Social Media on Your Own:

  • Being salesy doesn’t usually work on social media
  • Be quick and to the point
  • Focus on your employees, happenings in your office, holidays, clients, and relations

Need help boosting your social media presence? Contact BigWing today to find out how we can help.