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It’s the question on everyone’s mind: where are all the good Pokemon? Since its release Pokemon GO has been smashing records, first passing Tinder, then Twitter, and even Google searches for Donald Trump. So why should businesses and brands care?

Google Trends showing the popularity of Pokemon GO

Here in Oklahoma City the craze has hit just as hard as everywhere else, with many residents comparing the game’s release to the zombie apocalypse (or would you say aPokelypse?) Even with the frequent glitches and server crashes, OKC residents have been taking to the streets in force to battle for their team and catch ‘em all.

BigWing team with Pokemon
Our team working to catch ‘em all

How to be the very best

We’ve traveled across the land, searching far and wide for the hottest Pokemon catching zones in Oklahoma City. Our team of five trainers, representing Mystic, Instinct, and Valor, have worked together to cover the city and train, battle, and catch Pokemon of every size and type. The results? The best places to catch Pokemon in the city, along with what types of Pokemon you can expect to catch there.

Number 10: Midtown District (NW 11th and Classen)

Pokemon GO Midtown OKC

You can’t do much better than the best beer selection in the state at McNellie’s with a gym right on the corner.  You can grab your favorite brew and vie for the constantly struggled over gym.  Go on Wednesdays for $4 burgers to really get your money’s worth or for Monday Pint Nights, where you get to catch Pokemon, drink beer, and keep your glass.

If you’re in the mood to be outside, truck on over to The Bleu Garten. Home to a rotating variety of some of the best food trucks in OKC, The Bleu Garten has everything you’d want. Grab a cocktail, a picnic table, and wait for a lure to drop on one of the many Pokestops in the vicinity.

Number 9: Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner doesn’t have as many Pokestops as other areas do, but it does have one big plus: Dratini. Trainers have reported frequent sightings of the dragon Pokemon and its evolution Dragonair along the long lakeside path. Visit the Lighthouse for a scenic gym battle and a Pokestop that’s often lured by the many trainers visiting to catch water Pokemon. Aiming for that Gyrados? Lake Hefner is also a great place to catch as many Magikarp as you can!

Number 8: Paseo District

This relaxed, artsy district has several bars with patios that are providing free lures on the nearby Pokestops. No word on whether these are official promotions or if their employees are just as addicted as we are. Try The Other Room or Sauced for some weekend chill and Pokemon. In case you needed more convincing, Sauced was so lit they had a Charizard sighting. Yeah, see you there.

Number 7: University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

Pokemon GO at the University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is a great place to get some serious steps. Pokestops and Gyms are spread out across campus with plenty of space to hunt Pokemon. Bring some comfortable shoes since Pokestops span from Campus Corner, down to the Sam Noble Natural History Museum and around the stadium. Lures are commonplace regardless of the time of day; however, steer clear of the Goddard Health Center (thanks, HIPAA). Don’t worry if you break a sweat trying to catch that Venusaur though, head over to Epic Pops on Campus Corner to cool down with a fresh popsicle. Mention Pokémon GO and get 25 percent off your pop. They’ll even give you $1 off if you catch a Pokemon inside their shop. How cool is that?

Number 6: Downtown Edmond and UCO

Dowtown Edmond business Pokemon GO special and Rattata at UCO

The Patriarch is a great place in Downtown Edmond where you can access three Pokestops at once. On the weekend all three could have a lure attached.

Downtown Edmond has a plethora of statues within walking distance of each other and nearly every single one is a Pokestop. There are also a good amount of Gyms sprinkled in. Plus, Katiebug’s recently moved to Downtown Edmond and is super close to a bunch of Pokestops and Gyms so you can grab a shaved ice and leisurely catch ’em all.

UCO is also full of Pokestops and Gyms and is close to Downtown Edmond.

Number 5: The Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo Pokemon GO

Admission is $1 on Wednesdays at the Oklahoma City Zoo. You’ll find a bunch of people walking around with plenty of Pokestops.  A few rares pop up here and there (Golduck), but nothing too insane.  Most people seem to put lures over by the Aquatic Center since it provides some of the better shade during the hotter hours of the day. There’s a decent amount of Eevees and Oddishes, though the Oddishes were harder to track down.  Make sure you have your bigger eggs in the incubator before you walk in the gate.

The friendly staff at the zoo would like to remind you to use good Poke-etiquette; stay on the zoo’s public pathways and be mindful of your surroundings. That peacock is beautiful but it is not a Pokemon, so please don’t chase him!

Number 4: Plaza District

Plaza District OKC Pokemon GO

Plaza is poppin’ right now, whether or not you play Pokemon. There are tons of entertainment options from Saints, The Mule, Empire Slice, and even the new Goro Ramen. But did we mention there are Pokestops EVERYWHERE?! Rare Pokemon are more likely to appear where there are many trainers and multiple lures going at the same time, and Plaza is happenin’ every night.

Number 3: Bricktown

Bricktown OKC Pokemon GO

If you’re in the mood for a little bit of nightlife along with your Pokemon hunting, be sure to visit Bricktown. Bricktown has one of the highest concentrations of Pokestops in OKC, with Pokestop clusters by the movie theater, outside Bricktown Ballpark and all along the canal. It’s a great place to walk around, or sit and grab a bite to eat.

Want something a bit more active? Try your hand at catching that Psyduck while playing miniature golf at Brickopolis, or check out an OKC Dodgers game before hitting up one of the many Pokestops surrounding the stadium. Lures are common, especially along the canal, on the west side of the ballpark, and in front of the movie theater.  

Number 2: Will Rogers Park

Will Rodgers Park OKC Pokemon GO

Holy Pikachu this place is crazy. Multiple gyms, at least 20 Pokestops, and rare Pokemon make this place a mecca for OKC trainers. Lures are going all the time, and the park has had multiple Dratini and Dragonair appearances. Rhyhorn are abundant if you’ve been looking for a strong rock Pokemon to hit the gyms. It’s also a beautiful park with a lot of work put into the greenhouse and landscaping, so make sure to be respectful of the local wildlife and enjoy the beautiful view!

Number 1: Downtown OKC

Downtown OKC Pokemon GO

One of the most consistently busy places for Pokemon trainers has to be the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Possibly the best thing about the Myriad Botanical Gardens at night is just about every Pokestop has a lure on it, which means you’re bound to catch something interesting! Nervous about walking around in the dark? The highest traffic areas are well lit with plenty of benches to sit on and take down that Devon Pokemon gym.

Flashback Retropub on Film Row is also a great place to kick back with a brew and catch to your heart’s content with the lure module they often put up across the street. Samantha Cope, bartender and local Twitch streamer, recommends grabbing one of their signature cocktails, the Ferris Bueller, while you’re there.

BONUS: Extra spots worth checking out

Not every great Pokemon hunting ground could make our top 10. Here are a few crowd favorites that didn’t make the list.

Frontier City

This western theme park already has plenty of attractions, and many of them were turned into Pokestops and Gyms. The high traffic and endless entertainment make it a great day trip to catch some rare finds and get on your favorite rides

Boathouse District

The Boathouse District has several Pokestops that are often lured as well as three Gyms. The newly renovated adventure rapids is an amazing experience if you want to try your hand at white water rafting or you’d like to tube down the rapids. The big open lawns next to the Oklahoma River make for perfect Pokemon catching grounds, and we’ve seen some rare ones out there!

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Boost your business with Pokemon

Pokemon is a hit for businesses all over the OKC metro area, bringing in new customers and incredible amounts of foot traffic. If you are a business owner you may have questions on what to do with this crazy new phenomenon. Don’t worry, many feel the same way. Take a deep breath, and enjoy getting to know these die-hard fans with their addictive new hobby.

By encouraging and welcoming Pokefans you have access and inexpensive advertising to an enormously viral community. Don’t have a Pokestop next to your business?

Niantic has a form you can fill out to put your business on the map. Stay tuned as brand sponsored Pokestop opportunities will come in the future.

November 2016 update

You forgot about Pokemon GO, and Niantic noticed.  Niantic has been quietly and no-so-quietly updating the app to the world’s surprise. Here is what’s changed since you left:

The Nearby feature is live and has hit Oklahoma City. There used to be a drawing of grass behind each Pokémon.  Now, when a Pokémon is nearby, the app displays a photo of the Pokestop nearest to the location of said Pokémon. We can FINALLY stop driving around aimlessly through neighborhoods looking for that elusive Snorlax — Niantic has given us a hint!

Daily bonuses are the most important change to come to Pokemon GO. Users now get extra XP and Stardust for their first catch of the day. On top of that, Niantic is making it rain by giving us extra XP and items for the first spin of the day at any Pokestop. Niantic must have been concerned with everyone losing interest in their cash cow.

We can expect that Niantic will be going big with their Christmas event. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you can expect foot traffic to increase. We recommend getting those outdoor displays ready, because the Pokemon GO community will be out in force as we get closer to Christmas in OKC. Stay tuned for more event details.

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