Lunch in Downtown OKC: Guide to Great Pizza

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Whole pepperoni pizza up close- best pizza OKC guide
It’s no secret among Oklahoma City residents that in the not-so-distant past the only pizza we could order was through large chain restaurants. Times have changed and so have our options for pizza, or as we like to call it – happiness.

We know there’s no such thing as bad pizza, but you’ll find there simply isn’t enough room in one belly to fit all the delicious pizza OKC has to offer. Scroll down for some of our favorite pizza joints and create a cheese-filled to-do list at the same time.

‘Za within steps

If you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter or you’ve just been craving that perfect slice, downtown OKC has you covered. These four pizza joints are within an easy stroll of the BigWing office, located right in the heart of OKC’s Business District. You’ll get a jump start on your daily step goal while devouring every cheesy bite.

Joey’s pizzeria – 700 W Sheridan Ave

Joey’s pizzeria OKC, women making pizza
Photos courtesy of Joey’s Pizzeria

Located five blocks west of BigWing on Sheridan Avenue, Joey’s is one of BigWingers’ favorites and is just minutes away. Once you snag a seat it’s time to order up the pizza lunch special, which includes any slice, side salad (or Caesar salad if you prefer) and a drink for only $9.

Any one of the specialty pizzas on their menu is included in the lunch special offer. Choose from the Herbivorous Maximus (red onions, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and mozzarella) for veggie lovers, the Colossal Meat (pepperoni, smoked bacon, ham, beef, Italian sausage and mozzarella) for meat lovers, or a combination of both. You can find something to quiet your pizza craving at Joey’s.

Knuck’s Wheelhouse – 103 East California Ave.

The river walk, a single slice for lunch, a full dinner order and a whole pizza, Knuck’s Wheelhouse OKC
Photos by Emily Brashier, courtesy of Knuck’s Wheelhouse

A quick stroll will take you into Bricktown and along the river to Knuck’s Wheelhouse. This vibrant entertainment district offers a complete break from your normal work day. You might be surprised to learn they include a local beer – COOP Native Amber – in their dough.

The name of each pizza throws back to pop culture or slang. You can keep it tame with the Cheesus, which is topped with five kinds of cheese – mozzarella, pecorino, cheddar, feta, and parmesan. The Hoochie Cuchi is a fan favorite and includes pesto, bacon, prosciutto, pecorino, and mozzarella.

Stop in for a slice and drink any time during the day or night. All you need is $5, plus tax of course. While you’re there, the staff suggests you try the duck fat truffle fries. They say you won’t be sorry.

Italian Express – 119 W Main St #101

Up close shot of pepperoni pizza and supreme pizza on the lunch buffet- Italian Express, OKC

Right across the street from our BigWing office is another one of our favorites – Italian Express.

Inside you will find a buffet full of fresh pizza, among other delicious Italian favorites. The selection may not be as diverse as you will find at some of the pizza joints, but the staff is helpful and friendly. The food is fresh, hot, and delicious.

For $9 you get the all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll get in, eat, and get back to your afternoon meeting with time to spare, feeling delighted (#noregrets) about your pizza experience.

Café 7 – 100 W Main St. Suite 105

The Cafe 7 sign, the lunch menu board signs and a slice of pizza up close in OKC
Photos courtesy of Cafe 7

BigWing shares a wall with Café 7, so sometimes we can smell the sweet aroma of pizza dough from our desks – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

If you’re feeling classic, go for a Margherita or the Ultimate Supreme. For a kick to the taste buds, we suggest My Big Fat Greek Pizza with olive oil, mozzarella, feta, fresh garlic, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and oregano.

Cafe 7’s lunch specials rotate between the different types of fare. It may be unwise to hold your breath hoping for a pizza lunch special, so we recommend crossing your fingers.

Drive a dime for a wheel

Sometimes you find yourself craving that specific slice. Sometimes you need a longer lunch break. These five shops are within at 10-minute drive of downtown OKC and will supply all the golden, crusty happiness you can stand.

Hideaway Pizza – 901 N Broadway Ave

Shots of three different hideaway pizzas up close from Hideaway Pizza, OKC
Photos courtesy of Hideaway Pizza

Take a drive through Automobile Alley and you’ll find one of Oklahoma’s own gems. Hideaway Pizza started slinging pies in Stillwater, Okla. in 1957. No matter what changes, you’ll find pizza with flare and flavor when you walk through the doors of Hideaway.

If it’s your first time at Hideaway, try one of the favorites – the ATW or the Big Country. With red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, black olives, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and red onions the ATW has a little of everything. Topped with red sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, Canadian bacon, hamburger, pepperoni, and Polish sausage – the Big Country has all the meat you crave.

For lunch, you can snag $3 off any small specialty pizza, $2 off any pasta, or $1 off any salad. In addition, you can find limited time pizzas and specials running all day long.

Swing through on your lunch break and grab a lunch special. It’s less than $9 for a small pizza with a small salad.

Empire Slice House – 1734 NW 16th St

A whole pizza, a group eating pizza, the dining room full of customers and six individual slices on paper plates, from Empire Slice House in OKC
Photos courtesy of Empire Slice House

In the Plaza District, you will find a funky and fun pizza place called Empire. You’ll smell the pizza as you walk down the street and it will beckon you into the music-filled, dimly lit pizza joint.

If you want a whole pizza, you better have a crew with you or plan to take some home. When you come in for lunch, we suggest ordering by the slice. Each day Empire posts a new list of pizzas served by the slice on their website.

Some favorite slices include the Notorious P.I.G., Figgy Stardust, and the Foghorn Leghorn. Their lunch special is a slice, half salad, and a drink for $9. If salad isn’t for you the slices are simply $3.50 each – all day, every day.

Pizzeria Gusto – 2415 N Walker Ave

Two photos of pizza up close, the front door of Pizzeria Gusto in OKC, the bar

Found in the Uptown District, Pizzeria Gusto is the first Neapolitan-style pizza joint. The wood-fired pizza oven standing proudly behind the bar was hand built in Naples and delivered whole to the restaurant. Several of the staple ingredients for the pizza are imported from Italy.

Try a classic Margherita with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and olive oil or a Pancetta with arugula, mozzarella-provolone, pancetta, roasted garlic, goat cheese, and fig jam. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the weekly chef’s special.

When you stop in for lunch, grab a half pizza and half salad for $10. Choose any pizza on the menu or the weekly special, and the kitchen will prepare it to order especially for you. Don’t forget to get some freshly grated parmesan and chili oil for added flavor.

Sauced on Paseo – 2912 Paseo

pizza slice up close and a shot of the bar in Sauced on Paseo

Located in the historic Paseo Arts District, Sauced showcases the fun and quirky heart of the neighborhood. The spacious patio beckons pizza lovers to enjoy the weather on nice days, and the relaxed atmosphere is great for Tuesday lunch or a Friday night date.

For lunch, you can snag a single slice or take some friends and get the entire pizza. The price for a slice ranges from $3.50 for a single topping to $5 for some of the specialty pizzas. Your choices for entire pizzas include a 12-inch, 16-inch, or 18-inch hand tossed crust.

For a funky, veggie-packed pizza try a Spartacus, topped with tomato, artichoke, green bell pepper, banana pepper, Kalamata olives, oregano, feta, mozzarella, and Romesco sauce. If you’re looking for something meatier, try The Full Monty topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, capicola, bacon, mozzarella, and the house red sauce.

Pizza 23 – 600 NW 23rd St

Pizza stacked two deep on a rack, pizza up close and the front door of Pizza 23 in Oklahoma City
Photos courtesy of Pizza 23’s Facebook Page

Also located in the heart of the Uptown District you’ll find Pizza 23. When you visit you’ll smell their passion for pizza in their fresh dough made from scratch every day.

The favorite pie at Pizza 23 is a classic: a simple, yet delicious chicken Alfredo with Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, and red onion. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try the Bacon Mac-a-delic, served with Alfredo sauce, macaroni noodles, mozzarella cheese, feta, cheddar cheese, and bacon.

Any small pizza and a soft drink will set you back $10 during lunchtime. If you miss lunch, try stopping by later in the afternoon. From 3-6 p.m. they offer half price appetizers and drinks for happy hour.

Time to stop talking and start chewing

No matter which cheesy slice you choose, these pizza places will not disappoint. We love pizza – a lot – and we might be at any one of these spots.

In fact, send us a message with your favorite Oklahoma City pizza shop and maybe we’ll see you there!

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