Your Guide to Instagram’s IGTV

Published: September 5, 2018  by 

In 2016, Instagram made a splash in the video marketing world by introducing Stories. While this feature allowed Instagram to compete with Snapchat, it still didn’t put Instagram on the same level as YouTube.

Even though YouTube can be viewed on desktops, most YouTube content is viewed on mobile devices. IGTV targets this same audience with a twist: all videos are viewed in portrait mode, making it easier to watch via smartphones.

Why Should You Use IGTV?

According to a recent report, 92 percent of mobile video users end up sharing the content they consume with others, making video one of the best ways to widen your audience. And, since 2017, branded video content has seen a 258 percent increase in views on Facebook and a 99 percent increase on YouTube.

This increase is largely because users find video content the most memorable, which means the demand for video content will only continue to increase.

An infographic with statistics from a HubSpot study showing video content as the most memorable
An infographic with statistics from a Hubspot study showing video as the type of content users want to see most

IGTV allows businesses and influencers to take advantage of this increase by creating specific channels for their brand. Users can engage with the content by commenting and liking just as they can with regular posts. The bonus? IGTV doesn’t clog up anyone’s feed, which is one of the main ways brands lose followers.

If you’re smart, you’ll jump on this IGTV train while it’s still new, particularly if your audience consists of millennials and Gen Z. This infographic will help you get started.

An infographic showing how to create an IGTV account and upload videos

Social media platforms are introducing new features all the time, and it can be hard to keep up. To stay on top of the latest marketing trends, check out our blog!