How a Digital Agency Does Health Care

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stethoscope next to laptop

Trust us; we’re (not actual) doctors. But we can help doctors and health care providers get connected to more patients, which is a win-win for everyone, right? We’ve worked with health care providers large and small, from comprehensive health systems to specialized clinics. We’ve also taken the care to make sure our team is HIPAA compliant so we can avoid any potential privacy issues before they arise.

One client we’re particularly proud to have worked with? The largest health provider in Oklahoma. Take a look at how we’ve worked with this group over the past several years to remedy their digital woes and improve their online clout.

Symptoms (The Situation)

Despite being the largest health care provider in Oklahoma, our client was being outranked in search engines by local competitors and national directories. In 2012, they recognized the opportunity to reach more potential patients and asked for BigWing’s help.

Diagnosis (The Issue)

After a digital audit, BigWing confirmed that the client’s brand awareness was suffering from deficiencies in search engine optimization, link building and content marketing.

Treatment Plan (The Solution)

The client understood that this would be no quick-fix solution. They would have to be both patient with and engaged in the treatment plan for it to be effective. Together, we established initial key goals of the campaign going forward.

  • ranking improvement on general keywords
  • visible/searchable physician directory
  • general location optimization

Prescription (The Strategy)

As with many long-term treatment plans, ours included a combination of remedies. Focusing on two core areas, SEO and Content Marketing, our campaign utilized the following tactics:

Keyword optimization.  We started by targeting broad hospital terms and then honed in on service-specific and location-specific keywords. For example, the general terms we first optimized for included hospital, clinic, doctor, and health. From there, we moved on to more specific terms like rehabilitation, emergency room, intensive care, outpatient surgery, and physical therapy. Continuous keyword research ensures that we are competing for the most popular and the most logical keywords.

Location optimization. An extensive local SEO campaign involved optimizing first for the client’s main location, followed by local SEO efforts covering all of the client’s smaller branches and subsidiaries. As the client continues to acquire new locations and expand existing entities, these efforts are ongoing.

Authority building. We went back to the basics and searched for opportunities to build credible, authority-gaining links to the client’s site. What started as simple content marketing for the client’s home page and service-oriented pages evolved into a microsite within the client’s overall brand – a health care blog with a local focus.

Blogging. A health care blog covering generic health care topics — it’s been done before, and ranking for those terms was almost out of the question. But coming at the topics from a local perspective, interviewing local physicians, and connecting with local influencers allowed us to build a brand within a brand where Oklahomans could come for trustworthy and interesting health information. We began using CoSchedule in October 2015 to share an editorial calendar and publication duties with the client’s in-house marketing team.

Email campaign. Once we established readership for our blog, we initiated an email campaign to generate more subscribers, more readers, and ultimately, more face time for the brand. The weekly email newsletter is constantly evolving through tests and tweaks, from a switch to a mobile-responsive template to tests for send times and subject lines.

Prognosis (The Results and Looking Forward)

After four years of targeted treatment, the outcomes are overwhelmingly positive and prognosis for the client looks promising as we look ahead to the new year.

  • 60% increase in organic traffic
  • 2400% year-over-year increase in blog sessions
  • 400 hours of time on page in the past 90 days from BigWing-generated blogs
  • Keyword improvement and #1 Google ranking for dozens of terms.
  • Estimated savings of $1.6 million per year through SEO optimization when compared to a paid ad campaign with the same results

Health care providers work hard each day to improve the quality of life for their patients, but in order to be effective at what they do, potential patients have to be able to find them online when it counts.

Implementing a successful digital campaign for this major health care client required us to start by thinking big, and then honing in on the details. We treat the client as a patient of ours and just as a physician might suggest maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we help the client to maintain a healthy digital presence through continued efforts to grow their brand online.

We do digital differently at BigWing, and we’d love to help your health care organization reach its potential.

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