GAME CHANGERS: 2017 Women in Leadership Conference

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GAME CHANGERS: 2017 Women in Leadership Conference

Did you know that according to the Pew Research Center, only 5.4% of Fortune 500 CEO positions are currently held by women? Just 22 years ago, none – I repeat NONE – of the top 500 most profitable companies in the United States had female CEOs.

Let that sink in.

Companies are increasingly realizing the value of having women in CEO positions and leadership roles at all levels. Just take a look at the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street and what she represents. She’s a signal of what’s to come, and we can only go up from here.

Who Run The World? Girls.

In 2010, four women saw a need for a place where women in Oklahoma could share their wealth of knowledge, inspire each other, and learn how to become effective leaders in their organizations and communities.

Their solution was a conference where women from all across the state and the country could come to together to celebrate what it means to be a woman in leadership. Thus, the Women in Leadership Conference was born.

Now in its eighth year, the Women in Leadership Conference continues to provide women of all ages and experience levels with the opportunity to network with business and industry leaders, engage in critical conversations, and learn how to take their careers to new heights. Whether you’re searching to grow personally and be inspired, want to learn how you can be a champion of the advancement of women in your organization, or just love a good networking opportunity, this event has something to offer.

2017 Women in Leadership Conference Oklahoma City

2017 Women in Leadership Conference

When: April 13, 2017

Where: Cox Convention Center


This Year’s Speakers

This year’s speaker lineup includes women who have not only made an impact in their industries but are also paving the way for generations of future female leaders.

Featured Speakers:

  • Marianne Cooper, author and sociologist at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, will kick off the day with her keynote address on climbing the career ladder and navigating gender issues
  • Deborah Shames, co-founder of Eloqui, will provide insights into how to stand out with compelling storytelling
  • Charmaine McClarie, c-suite advisor and executive coach, will speak on the importance of honing your executive presence
  • Pamela Meyer, founder and CEO of Calibrate and author of “LieSpotting,” will round out the day by diving into “The Art and Science of Getting to the Truth”

Celebrating our BigWing LeadershipMarilyn Hoeffner

Here at BigWing, our resident #ladyboss Marilyn Hoeffner encourages us every day to grow personally and professionally while challenging us to be leaders in our industry. With the Women in Leadership Conference quickly approaching, we asked Marilyn to weigh in with her thoughts on the evolving landscape of women in leadership and why she’s excited to attend this year’s conference.

In your opinion, why is the Women in Leadership Conference beneficial for women to attend?

This conference is one of the best resources for women to learn how to advance their careers and network with other women in the community.  Plus, it’s the only conference of its kind in the state of Oklahoma.

Why is it important for women to be strong leaders in their work and community? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women now account for 51% of all workers employed in management, professional, and other related occupations. It is critical to women and businesses that we become strong leaders and great decision makers in driving a healthy economy.

What does a leader look like to you?  

A leader is someone who can set a clear path to success and inspire others to enthusiastically join them on the journey in creating something amazing.

Who are your female role models?

Amelia Earhart, Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama are all great role models who come from different generations but all inspired other women to dream big, break down stereotypes, and reach for their goals.

What are you hoping to learn while you’re at this year’s conference?

I look forward to being inspired by the many women who have great life experiences to tell.

Is there a speaker you’re looking forward to hearing from most, and why?

I look forward to hearing Charmaine McClarie and Martha Burger speak. Both should have great insights to share on building a successful career in today’s business environment.

How do you build up your female teammates and coworkers to improve their leadership skills?

By offering training and support, but mostly by empowering them to make good decisions and providing them with opportunities to grow.

What are some of the changes in female leadership you’ve seen?

I believe women have learned that they are most successful by working not only hard but smart. I also think that women have learned that following their instincts can ensure that their businesses are successful and that they have the best career opportunities ahead of them.

No longer do we need to play by the rules of a male-dominated workforce. We need to work hard on our own development, productivity, and career advancement.

Ready to Make a Difference?

It’s not too late to register or sign up as a sponsor for the 2017 Women in Leadership Conference. We hope to see you there!