Using Facebook to Generate Direct Leads

Published: June 15, 2016  by 

Did you know that you can capture leads for your company directly through Facebook? Facebook has introduced a new advertising tool, Facebook Lead Generation, which allows viewers to subscribe to your company directly from their news feed.

How Facebook Lead Generation Works

Lead Generation Ads allow businesses to collect information from prospects on Facebook in just a couple of clicks. Historically, people have experienced frustration with filling out online forms on their phones. Facebook is simplifying the mobile signup process by automatically prefilling the contact information people share in a privacy-safe lead form.

The idea is simple. Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. Instead of sending people to your website to complete a lead form, Facebook will let you capture leads directly from a News Feed ad. The auto fill forms make the signup process very favorable.

For example:

screenshot of facebook advertisement

screenshot of facebook lead generation form

screenshot of facebook lead generation capture

6 Tips on Facebook Lead Generation Ads

  1. Lead ads require that you include a link to your company’s privacy policy on your website. It should be easily accessible, friendly, and intuitive. Responding quickly to leads can increase the chance of conversion.
  2. Develop a strategy before you create your lead form. What types of leads are you trying to collect? Are you willing to include a lead magnet or offer? Make the action simple and effortless to complete. There are six CTA buttons to choose from. Use them wisely and A/B test the results.
    • Sign Up
    • Subscribe
    • Learn More
    • Apply Now
    • Get Quote
    • Download
  3. The more specific your targeting is, the higher your conversion rate will be. Take advantage of custom audiences (traffic from your website) and upload your existing email contact list. You can create lead ads to target people who have visited your website and at the same time, you can exclude your current email list. This would be a wise use of your budget.
  4. Assign someone responsible to check lead submissions on a regular basis and follow-up with them. Do you predict a high volume of leads? If so, you might consider integrating lead ads with your CRM. Facebook’s current partners include Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sailthru, and Salesforce.  Here’s how.
  5. You’ll definitely want to add a context card to your lead ads to tell people more about your business. Map out the details in advance so the content will align with your goal.
  6. Lead ads might have a higher initial cost that a standard website CPC campaign, but the value of a lead much greater.

Facebook is always releasing new tools and updates. If your goal is to generate new leads, this seems very promising from our initial tests.

Sound interesting? Check out the Facebook launch here.