Everything is Local with BigWing Local SEO

Published: March 21, 2017  by 

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“We’ve done Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small and enterprise clients across the country – from California to New York and several places in between,” Gina Jennings, local SEO specialist says. “So you could say everything is local for BigWing.”

Local SEO is unique. While it is part of the SEO toolkit for digital marketing, it affects how people find the brick and mortar businesses in their towns. When there is a search for “ice cream near me” and the two closest ice cream shops pop up – that’s because of a local listing and is handled by Gina at BigWing.

“It is a combination of both manually entering the information and automatic filtering,” Gina says. “We enter the correct information for each location a business has into Google My Business, Bing Places, and Moz’s Local tools.’

These tools not only help the major search engines find the correct location, but also filter to smaller search tools such as the online Yellow Pages and Super Pages.

BigWing’s local SEO toolkit can help streamline this process and make sure all the location information about a business is up-to-date.

Why you should pay attention to local SEO

Local is more important now than it has ever been. Why? The answer is probably in your hand right now – it’s the smartphone.

“People are searching for businesses on their mobile devices,” Gina says. “Studies show that more than 20 percent of the people who search on their mobile device for a local business are taking action within one day. It’s very important to be locally seen.”

Google My Business information connects to Google Maps. People search for a business and wind up at the front door, right? Not if the information is mismatched or outdated. Businesses then wind up with unhappy customers or the complete loss of potential customers.

Local SEO services help people get from searching on their phones to a merchant’s front door in no time.

What’s in store for local SEO

“The next big thing in local SEO is reputation management,” Gina says. “We are looking to add tools to our kit, which will help with review generation and management.”

Having this kind of software available means business owners will have more control over what their business looks like online. It will help employees to answer customer questions, learn more about complaints, and increase ratings.

Effective local SEO brings positive attention to brands, which ultimately brings customers to your front door. Why wouldn’t you pay attention to local SEO?

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