Downtown OKC Coffee Shop Guide: The Power of a Latte

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Coffee Shops Guide Downtown OKC

Here at BigWing, we believe in the power of a latte, cold brew, drip, espresso shot – basically, any caffeinated drinks that provide that magical elixir. Luckily, our downtown office affords us a grand slew of options to choose from every day. It’s fortunate for our productivity; not so much for our wallets.

Enter: our guide to the local coffee shops in downtown Oklahoma City. Don’t work downtown? There are plenty of other not-so-local coffee shops as well as area restaurants that brew a mean cup o’ joe.


Aravalli, located inside the Devon Tower, is a great grab-and-go option. Consider yourself lucky – we’re about to let you in on a secret. This coffee shop offers a mug for $11 that can be refilled with any espresso-based drink, as often as you like, for only $2. Yes, this saves the caffeineaholics quite a bit of cash money around the BigWing nest.

Aravalli also always has a selection of delicious gelatos, so stop on by when you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying.

aravalli at devon tower okc

The Buzz

To get to The Buzz, you have to know the downtown tunnels, which can be quite the maze. The Buzz is the second-oldest coffee shop in the city! Who’s first? That’s still a mystery. Owner Allison opened this coffee haven in April of 1996 and her customers have remained loyal since day one. Stop inside for a welcome smile, always-fresh coffee, and some of our favorite granola in the city.

the buzz coffee downtown okc

Clarity Coffee

Clarity Coffee is always changing up their menu with unique tastes and flavor combinations. They routinely use fruits in their latte specials, like Blueberry-Ginger or Neapolitan. If you haven’t tried their cold brew lemonade, you must. It’s a mix of what you would expect – cold brew coffee and lemonade – one of those combos you just have to experience for yourself.

Head over to their blog to stay in the know because they are always adding to a “secret menu” and informing customers of their next month’s specials.

clarity coffee downtown okc

Coffee Slingers

Coffee Slingers employees appreciate where their coffee beans are born and like to travel the distance annually. Sourced from Central America, the beans are delivered to OKC where the trained Coffee Slingers take over production with practiced skill to transform the beans from bag to coffee cup.

Stop by and appreciate the art adorning the walls; every two months they bring in a new local artist’s works.

coffee slingers downtown okc

Elemental Coffee

Elemental Coffee is the opposite of the predictable green mermaid chain (now who could that be?), if only for the fact that their coffee tastes different nearly every day and they don’t ever alter the coffee’s natural taste. Their philosophy is to “deliver coffee in its purest form.” They recognize coffee as an agricultural product and know that it will change season to season, day to day, based on many different elements like weather change and other factors farmers can’t always control. This philosophy makes their coffee unique and honors where it came from.

Elemental is served in many restaurants in Oklahoma City, so if you are an OKC business ready to provide your customers with great coffee, look no further.

elemental coffee downtown okc

Hank’s Coffee

For the newest coffee shop on the block, owners Marty and Kim wanted to bring a cozy coffee and wine bar to OKC. Hank’s got its name from their beloved late dog, a gentle and loving pup who also makes an appearance in the shop’s logo.

This coffee shop combines the best two drink options: coffee and wine. With plenty of plants and shades of blue, it’s a soothing place to hang out with friends or simply contemplate life. The space feels like an extension of your living room.

hanks coffee downtown okc

Leaf + Bean

You may be surprised to see Leaf+Bean in a downtown guide, but it’s true: there is another indoor location in Deep Deuce.  They only use locally sourced products, like Kize Energy Bars, Prairie Thunder, Provision Kitchen, Holey Rollers, and more.

Leaf+Bean creates all of their simple syrups in-house. Plus, they’re giving away these nuggets of recipe information for free on their social channels, so be sure to follow along. Their pumpkin syrup is a mix of pumpkin puree, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and water. Yum! If coffee isn’t your thing (heaven forbid) they also have custom craft sodas like Vanilla Cranberry, Blueberry Almond, and Cherry Lime.

leaf and bean deep deuce okc

Okay Yeah

You know what’s better than a coffee shop? A coffee shop inside a beautiful plant shop – that’s where Okay Yeah comes in. Enjoy this nature-filled space while you sip your coffee. With an airstream, plenty of park benches, and twinkling lights, it’s tough to beat this friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Not only are they gaining notoriety for their delicious coffee, but also for their homemade hand tarts. These tarts are similar to a toaster strudel but 100 times better, according to everyone who goes there. They offer a savory and sweet version, so be sure to sink your teeth into one of these when you go.

okay yeah coffee downtown okc

Other Coffee Mentionables

If you’re lucky, you can catch the Junction Coffee Bus or Evoke Sip Truck while they are driving around downtown for a fun experience and a good brew. Bloom Coffee also recently opened in a beautifully decorated space beneath the Continental building. Stop by for two-dollar lattes on Tuesdays.

The best part about this list? It only covers Downtown OKC, but there are even more options minutes away for you to enjoy. Give some love to other coffee shops around the metro  and  tweet @BigWingInteractive and tell us your favorite spot.

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