Meet & Eat: Best Business Lunch Spots in Downtown OKC

Published: March 17, 2015  by 

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day for many people, but a casual business lunch can be the most important meal of the day for the downtown crowd. It is an opportunity to see and be seen, meet new people, and bond with coworkers on a level that can’t be reached within the office walls. Luckily for my cohorts at BigWing, we are now part of the downtown OKC district where lunch options have us surrounded.

We have only been downtown for about a month, but there are already a few repeat lunch spots that have become immediate favorites. Here are a handful within a short walk from our Main Street office:

The Urban Taco Shop


The Urban Taco Shop has a laid-back feel to help you unwind for a short break in the middle of the day. Just walk in, make the tough decision of whether to go with a couple of delicious tacos, a big ol’ burrito, masterfully crafted nachos, or maybe one of each! Even though you will most likely become miserably full after doubling up on menu items,  you won’t regret it because of the reasonable prices. The Urban Taco Shop has the prices to keep any budgeting businessperson happy and full.

Café 7


Café 7 is the perfect place to go if you are A) on a budget, and B) there is a picky eater in the bunch (there always is). They have a wide variety of options that are all around the $7 mark. Seriously. You can get heaping bowls of pasta, a personal pizza, ridiculous salads, Cubans and Reubens, oh my! Somehow, I have resisted the urge to grab any/all of the lovely baked goods that sit at the counter and stare you down while you order, small-drinkbut I know I will break down soon and be happier for it.

Also, I don’t know what the heck they do to their Diet Pepsi, but it is the best Diet Pepsi I’ve ever had. Maybe they just serve the regular Pepsi out of the diet spout and I am none the wiser. Who knows?



It’s not your typical cafeteria. Nebu in Devon has a boatload of great food options at reasonable prices. Recently, they even ran a 20% discount on Fridays for people who work downtown.

Want pastries? Nebu has ‘em. Want seafood? Nebu’s got it. Want a fresh salad and no guilt? Nebu has you covered. Want to destroy a burger and fries? Nebu can handle that, too. Nebu has the everyday working person covered for a lunch on the go. Nebu emphasizes speed, as well as quality, better than any downtown lunch spot I’ve been to (so far). Get in, eat well, and get back to work! I am pitching this as the new Nebu slogan.

Get out of the office and get some grub!

Don’t want to take my word for it? Good. Get out and walk around. The sun is (hopefully) shining, the birds are chirping, and your coworkers want to get to know you over a solid meal that won’t break the bank. Give one of these three joints your business, and be sure to check back with us periodically for a new list of downtown lunch spots to try. Heck, we may even take a five-minute walk to Bricktown and see what kind of gems we can find.

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