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Above the Fold: Is The Fold Dead?

Published: September 9, 2015 by
Above the Fold image
What the heck is the fold?! "The ideal area to place bold introductions, essential information, enticing imagery and call to action elements is above the fold..."- Shaun Cronin The phrase "above the fold" originated in the newspaper industry. Newspapers are often "folded" so that the top half of the front page is the first thing you see. So, a story “above... Read More

WordPress Security: Preventing Your Site From Being Hacked

Published: June 24, 2015 by
WordPress Hack Prevention Featured Image
No one ever wakes up in the morning thinking, "I'd love for my website to get hacked today." Having your website taken over by hackers is similar to experiencing a home break-in. You feel violated, you wonder what was stolen, and you're going to sleep a little bit lighter for a while. Thankfully WordPress is insanely secure. If there is an... Read More

Manage WordPress Updates With Easy Updates Manager

Published: April 6, 2015 by
Easy Updates Manager for Wordpress slide
Easy Updates Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manage almost every aspect of WordPress updates. You can check out a quick overview video below: Our Love of WordPress At BigWing, the development team loves WordPress. By using and developing with WordPress daily, we inevitably run into pain points where we wish we had this feature, or... Read More