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Why SEM/PPC Practitioners Need to Keep Up Certifications

Published: May 4, 2020 by
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If you type into a search engine “Why is it important to keep Google certifications up?” Google comes back with an answer and it's really not a bad one.  “It gives you free promotion. Becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner has countless benefits for any given business or entrepreneur. You can use the certification to build social proof, gain credibility,... Read More

Home Improvement Companies: Use Paid Search to Find Customers

Published: April 22, 2020 by
child painting a wall with text overlay that reads ' home improvement companies: use paid search to find customers'
As the weather turns nicer throughout the country, homeowners turn their minds toward home improvement. With more people working from home, homeowners are anxious to get outside and start their spring projects that will improve and beautify their houses and yards.  Whether your business is garage doors, gutters, decks and patios, roofs, landscaping, or windows, spring is the perfect time... Read More

Paid Search Isn’t a Solution to Every Business Problem

Published: May 12, 2019 by
“Paid search isn’t a solution to every business problem.” That statement might raise a few eyebrows; however, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Paid search (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and social media ads) can get relevant people to your door at varying levels of efficiency depending on what platform you are running them on, what your goals are, and what budget... Read More