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Which Digital Marketing Trends Are You Watching in 2019?

Published: January 31, 2019 by
calendar in the background with the signature blue wash over the headline about marketing trends in 2019 from BigWing
When we typed the title of this post into Google’s search bar, more than 98 million results popped into view within 0.65 seconds. That’s equal to one result for every person living in California, Texas, Florida, Washington, and Wyoming combined (give or take a few). Current digital marketing trends are incredibly popular topics. If we could gaze into our crystal... Read More

Email Marketing Integrity and Automation Best Practices

Published: July 28, 2016 by
Integrity and automation in email marketing
Email is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your customers and get to know their behaviors. It provides a direct line to your customer and is cost-effective. Did you know email marketing has an ROI of about 4,300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association? No, you didn't read that wrong. Create value for your customers with your emails... Read More