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The Best Graphic Tools for Your Marketing Utility Belt

Published: November 21, 2016 by
The Best Graphic Tools for Your Marketing Utility Belt
In a world bogged down by an endless amount of web content, digital marketers fear their own material may be lost in the fray.  We all want our content to stand out from the crowd and make lasting impressions with viewers, but even strong content with superb writing can be overlooked and fall to the fate of never being seen.... Read More

How a Digital Agency Does Health Care

Published: October 26, 2016 by
stethoscope next to laptop
Trust us; we’re (not actual) doctors. But we can help doctors and health care providers get connected to more patients, which is a win-win for everyone, right? We’ve worked with health care providers large and small, from comprehensive health systems to specialized clinics. We’ve also taken the care to make sure our team is HIPAA compliant so we can avoid... Read More

Case Study: OKC Guide to PokémonGO

Published: September 16, 2016 by
OKC Guide to Pokémon Go
Unless you were living under a rock or were away for several months at sea (ahoy, matey!), you’re probably aware that PokémonGO took over the world shortly after its July 6, 2016, debut. Hordes swarmed to parks, downtown centers, and college campuses in a quest to “catch ‘em all.” Your favorite coffee shop, local university, or birthplace of your firstborn... Read More

Retail Marketing Ideas: Blue Seven in Oklahoma City

Published: October 23, 2015 by
We decided to take a look at Blue Seven, a hip clothing company in Oklahoma City known for their denim and Oklahoma-centric products. We broke our retail marketing ideas down into four sections: Content Ideas, Web Development/SEO, Competitor Outlook, and Link Opportunities. When creating a content strategy, it’s important to brainstorm really awesome content ideas, but it's equally important to find ways to... Read More

1 Clever Way to Market an Event

Published: August 28, 2015 by
David Christopher How to Market Your Conference
Every year I use FollowerWonk to compile a list of people who follow 3 or more Confluence conference speakers, to help promote the conference. In the first year we did it, the CTO of Moz called it an "Awesome use of Followerwonk".   This year's post got noticed by the folks at State of Search in Dallas (they made the list),... Read More

Construction Marketing Ideas from a Content Marketer’s Perspective

Published: August 19, 2015 by
Rafters at Angle
Content Marketing Takeover The best way to approach content marketing is with a content marketing strategy, persona guide, and other fancy investigation tools. But in the absence of a carefully constructed plan, where do content marketers turn their attention first? This was a rapid-fire exercise in idea generation: two marketers for two total hours with a random business—sans marketing strategy or interaction with... Read More

#Authority2015 recap

Published: June 19, 2015 by and
Joanna Lord at Rainmaker Conference featured image
BigWing sent two content marketers to Copyblogger’s Authority Rainmaker Conference in Denver, CO in May. Audrey Dodgen and Rachel Cunningham came back with some key takeaways to pass along to their teams, and we wanted to share them with our BigWing readers as well. Don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are. – Sally Hogshead Not every... Read More

Behind The Screen: PR Outreach in the 21st Century

Published: May 4, 2015 by
We were born to operate behind screens. Well, at least my generation was. It’s 2015 and I’m 26 years old (almost 27), and I feel more comfortable sending someone an email or a text message than I do engaging in face-to-face small talk. I’m sure there are 26-year-olds in the world that absolutely love networking (and all other in-person forms... Read More

Creating and Using Pinterest Rich Pins for Marketing

Published: April 24, 2015 by
The power of Pinterest among women ages 16 to 34 is something to behold. The visually-rich social platform is a storehouse where more than 40 million active users get recipes, learn DIY ideas, create wish lists, and shop for the trendiest clothes. In other words, if you’re a business or brand, and you’re not marketing on Pinterest--you are missing an... Read More

Creating Visual Content with Canva

Published: April 15, 2015 by
Creating Visual Content with Canva
Good visuals are important to content marketing because we want content to be appealing to readers--not just search engines. I don’t always have time to sit down on Illustrator or Photoshop to create a blog image, so I wanted to review and explain how to use one of my favorite online image tools – Canva. Canva is one of my personal favorites... Read More