BigWing is Now LSA Certified

Published: August 14, 2017  by 

BigWing is now LSA certified

LSA Certification – The Seal of Trust in Digital Marketing

Local Search Association-LSA logoWe are pleased to announce we have added another certification to our company. We are now Local Search Association, LSA, certified. LSA is an industry governing body that has been in existence for over 40 years. It prides itself on helping both marketers and small businesses succeed in the marketplace.

To become certified, we submitted a review of our sales and business operations and we met the high standards required to receive certification. This certification is only awarded to companies that help clients in an honest and fair manner.

What does the LSA Certification verify?

  • Clear statements of pricing for products/services
  • Honest sales practices and “promises” made to clients
  • High customer service standards and accountability
  • Training to ensure employees follow the standards
  • Fair service agreements and contracts
  • Security for private information

BigWing, why all the certifications?

We are proud to add this certification to our arsenal to prove to clients our commitment to providing the very best work.

We have certifications from the Local Search Association, Google, Bing, Facebook, HubSpot, and others. These recognitions exhibit our dedication to being a leader in the market and demonstrate our commitment to education.

Continued Learning

You can’t earn certifications unless you’ve done the work and understand it. Google, Bing, and Facebook certifications are only awarded after you understand the material and pass the exams.

“These certifications take time and resources, but we feel it is critical to ensure all of our employees are properly certified and trained,” said Marilyn Hoeffner, BigWing VP and General Manager. “These certifications assure our customers and prospects that we are a professional company who is truly skilled in the services that we offer.”

To help other industry professionals, and to educate our clients and community business owners, we hold monthly Lift sessions and our annual digital marketing conference, Confluence Conference.

Stewards of the Industry

Our digital world allows for many scammers to claim to be an expert in the industry. This serves as a threat for many business owners and damages trustworthy agencies’ reputations.

“Our clients constantly get cold calls from untrustworthy local SEO companies who offer their services, some going as far as to claim they are from Google, which is an outright lie,” Gina Jennings, BigWing local SEO specialist, said. “This can easily put potential customers off from hiring decent agencies who could help their business. Working with a company who is certified can help relieve some of those worries.”

The digital marketing industry has rapidly grown and continues to evolve. It is our industry’s responsibility to continue to educate ourselves on best practices, live by a strong code of ethics, and seek ways to improve. “It is up to all legitimate providers to police themselves and evolve standards that protect our industry,” Hoeffner said.

BigWing makes it a priority to stay up-to-date on industry trends and continues to educate employees on the ever-changing digital world. We are committed to giving our clients the best service and advice by staying educated and certified in all things marketing.

Interested in working with us or have a question about best practices? We are here to help your business succeed, contact us.