How BigWing Does Education and Continuous Learning

Published: July 18, 2017  by 

BigWing Educational Focus for Team

Things can move really fast here at BigWing. One second you’re reminiscing about 2016’s accomplishments, the next second you’re nearly halfway through 2017. What a flight this year has been!

As always, our core values have been a key to everything we’ve done this year, and education is no exception. Throughout the years, BigWing has made an effort to foster continued growth in our team. From Lunch and Learn meetings, to certification opportunities, to sending team members to conferences, staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing is important to us.

Not only that, but we’ve set a goal to impact the entire Oklahoma marketing community. Whether you’ve attended a Lift Session to network with local marketers or downloaded an educational Nest Podcast, our team prides itself on sharing knowledge with everyone. Oh and there’s this little marketing conference we put on every year called Confluence, too….

Here are just a few outstanding educational achievements from our flourishing BigWing team:

How BigWing in OKC encourages continuing education


Want to delight clients, educate the OKC marketing community and grow your own marketing skills? Good. We’re hiring lots of people who want the same thing.