BigWing Connect for Small Businesses

Published: November 7, 2017  by 

we're open sign hanging in door of small business

BigWing is excited to officially launch BigWing Connect, our strategic solution for small-business digital marketing. Connect will help small businesses improve their digital footprint with a smaller budget. The services offered through Connect can help build a foundation for a successful digital campaign. We like to call it scalable digital marketing.

Ideal industries for Connect

Our ideal clients are small businesses and mom-and-pop shops, located both locally in Oklahoma City and nationally. We foresee Connect working really well for industries like roofing and construction, heat & air,  plumbing, landscaping, medicine and dentistry, automotive, retail, restaurant, and nonprofits.

Educating our clients

Education is deeply enriched within BigWing’s company values. With our Connect clients, we want to help educate and re-establish their business goals and have our team step in and align those goals with a strategy moving forward.

“We really want Connect to serve as the business’s digital marketer,” Jacie Green, account strategy manager and BigWing Connect lead says. “In many cases, small businesses do not have the resources for  a position like that in-house, and we want to be that person.”

Connect services

Every client is unique, but we like to start with services that directly align with their business goals. This typically includes SEO, Facebook, and sometimes a new, optimized website right off the bat. Other Connect services include:

  • Business Builder Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Review Generation
  • Facebook Social Media Management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Retargeting Advertising

Focusing on quality

Just because we are working with smaller budgets does not mean our Connect clients are getting anything less. We are still offering the custom, quality work you can expect as a BigWing client, just on a smaller scale and with a strategic, efficient approach. Our goal is to see our clients grow exponentially by setting a solid foundation with Connect and hopefully offer larger campaigns with more services in the future.

“We want to help small businesses grow in the digital space, Connect SEO lead Will Sagraves says. “We want to do that by helping them set and reach their goals with a small budget and really grow from there.”

If you think BigWing connect could be the right solution for you and your business, contact us  for more information! Learn more about BigWing Connect and our new LSA Certification for small businesses.