Benefiting Your Business with Facebook Live

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Benefiting your business with Facebook Live

We’ve all seen it before – you log in to Facebook, but instead of seeing a regular video in your feed, you see a video that’s happening in real time, right there on your screen. This new feature is called Facebook Live, and it’s making waves in the social media world.

Facebook Live isn’t the first live video feature of its kind. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat were around before Facebook Live launched, but Facebook Live took the lead after its launch. Why, you ask? BigWing’s Social Media Manager Sarah Hoffman has answers to all of your Facebook Live questions, and most importantly – how you can use this new feature to benefit your business and how your social media team should be taking advantage of it.

What is Facebook Live?

“Facebook Live, which launched in April 2016, are real-time video posts that appear in your News Feed and can be housed on Facebook pages. Video reigns supreme in the Facebook News Feed. There are over 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook per day,” says Hoffman. “I prefer Facebook Live over Periscope, Meerkat, and other ephemeral video apps because with Facebook, you are able to broadcast to your already established community.”

“When you’re Live, your Facebook page community is automatically notified and your organic visibility increases – one of the biggest perks. Facebook Live allows you to personify your brand, ultimately generating long-lasting connections with your fans. You can choose to go live from your personal page or from your business page.”

People spend more time watching live video

What Content Works for Facebook Live?

A fun, entertaining form of content that notifies all of your followers automatically and increases organic traffic? It almost sounds too good to be true! However, Facebook Live isn’t magic, and it’s vital to be sure that what you are Facebook Live-ing is interesting, relevant, and will keep the attention of your audience.

“I really enjoy tuning into the experts in the digital marketing industry because I can gain insights from some of my favorite leaders and it feels really intimate. Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield frequently broadcast with Facebook Live and they do an excellent job of engaging their community by announcing topics in advance and answering questions. Mari particularly does an excellent job featuring news and trending topics with tutorials for any level of experience. I also really enjoy Martha Stewart’s tutorials,” Hoffman said.

6 ways to use Facebook Live:

  1. How-to demonstrations and tutorials
  2. Behind-the-scenes office tours
  3. Lightning round reviews
  4. Customer spotlights
  5. Preview interviews before presentations
  6. FAQ or Q&A sessions with customers

Video posts have higher organic reach

How Do I Prepare for Facebook Live?

When you have an idea for the perfect Facebook Live experience, it’s important to plan out the execution. Whether it’s announcing to your followers that you will be going live at a certain time, or staging the perfect setup, it always helps to be prepared.

“Let your audience know that you’ll be going live. Post an announcement ahead of time so they can tune in, and let them know what to expect and what time you’ll be broadcasting. Make sure to include the title of your video content because it will be shown in the notification,” Hoffman said.

“You want to have a plan mapped out in advance. It doesn’t have to be completely staged, but it’s smart to think about the fluidity of your scene and have people you want to feature prepared and on deck. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the lighting (no direct sunlight) and any ambient noise that might occur. If you can, keep the time of your recurring broadcasts consistent because it will ultimately train your audience to remember to tune in.”

How does BigWing Use Facebook Live?

We love using Facebook Live at BigWing, especially during Lift Sessions, our monthly free digital marketing events. This example shows how we interviewed one of our Lift speakers, Kristen Campbell, marketing manager for Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, at their headquarters. We even conducted a blind taste test live on camera!

You can watch our Facebook Live interview here.

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